It’s getting real, ya’ll

So I wanted to update ya’ll on some stuff I’ve been working on with the podcast!!

I’ve received some graphics and I’ll be getting some more this week. I love the one’s I’ve gotten so far! When we post shows i’ll credit the artist in the show notes. She’s one of my BFFs and she’ll be a guest later on.

Me in the little kid car is based on a real picture in which we were all very intoxicated and “borrowed” the car from outside my apartment complex. It was returned in the morning, after the hangover. It was a very fun night.

I have my first 2 shows written and will be recorded at the end of the week. I’m beyond excited. One is true crime and one of the most bizarre stories that I’ve ever heard. It had me shook so of course I have to share! And the second one is Celebrity Conspiracy Theories!! We will be featuring 2 celebrities and the craziness that surrounds them!!

I have also set up a Patreon! In which there will be tiers where you can pick episodes and even be a guest and tell us your own story!!



Click here to visit our Patreon!

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